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I have never seen two guys so anatomically compatible as this pitcher and his catcher. The pitcher penetrates his partner with a full-full sheath single thrust, and his partner accommodates his substantially thick prick, so much so that we can hear the suction of his body as the pitcher thrusts, full hilt, and then pulls out.

As the pounding continues we can see up-close the catcher’s pink sleeve wrapped tightly around the thick invader as his pitcher pulls out„ leaving just the head embedded.  The pitcher announces his orgasm and plants it deep, only unsheathing his cock one time to show his load being jettisoned inside, and then fully hilts himself to finish his insemination.

He continues churning his own cream so he can feel his partner cumming and remarks on how incredible that feeling and visual is. This is an excellent video, the type of lovemaking that every couple should experience!

He tells his catcher to push out his freshly-deposited semen, but he obviously planted it deeper than his lover’s Heaven’s Gate, and his partner can’t comply, unable to reopen that battered Gate.  (YUMMmmmm)

"That’s a perfect asshole, man." the pitcher announces as he lets us see how stretched his partner’s hole is from his excellent lovemaking This video is so good it got two loads in a row out of me! THAT IS GOOD! (827) NWAL




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